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Vadanaa offers agencies a new way to maximize revenue and attribution

Your agency faces challenges and competition on the road to winning the attention and loyalty of your clients, so you need new ways to make them more engaged with your services while providing clarity on marketing attribution. With Vadanaa, you now have the solution you need to get your clients measurable increases in profitability through Reactive Direct Mail which will reinforce the value that you bring to your clients at your agency every day. 

With Vadanaa you sell the service, we'll handle the execution. We compliment your digital marketing & advertising services with a complete suite of digital Online to Offline marketing fulfillment solutions. Please complete the form below to schedule a demo and see how Vadanaa can help your clients increase profits and lower their cost of customer acquisition, all while helping you capture and retain more local business clients at your agency. 


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Empowering your agency to provide new online to offline marketing solutions to local businesses

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