We capture online consumer interest and intent data then send reactive direct mail that triggers buying decisions, converting site activity into traffic at your business. 

90% of website visitors leave without a trace. Now identify and target these consumers.

Our revolutionary AI marketing technology enables Online to Offline communication and attribution for the vast majority of traffic that leave your website without engaging with your business. Create localized, targeted campaigns that put relevant information in consumers’ hands when they’re in the market for a product or service you sell.  

You'll convert more shoppers into buyers with Vadanaa. We use real-time online interest and intent data to send meaningful, targeted mail that will influence a buyers purchase decision and drive conversions. 

Make a Physical Connection. Enhance The Customer Experience

Digital marketers use our platform to transform real-time online activity into Reactive Direct Mail sent within 24hrs

Using machine learning combined with a suite of targeted business rules, Vadanaa will send out a meaningful and timely call to action directly to a household or business, often within 24 hours of an individual visiting your website. Start connecting with anonymous website visitors today.

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Digitally Reactive Direct Mail sent in response to aN online consumer action within 24hrs

Consumer Intent Capture


Identify the 90% of website visitors that leave without engaging. Capture real time shopper signals and behavioural activity

Tactical Campaign Planning


 Set lead generation parameters and with powerful technology, convert visitor data into leads that deliver outstanding results

Hyper Targeted Intelligence


AI combined with machine learning determines the most accurate connections between site activity and household addresses

Dynamic Media Production


Customized, hi gloss media is printed dynamically and on demand, 24 hours a day in our state of the art facilities 

Deliver to the Hottest Leads


Custom, traceable and trackable localized campaigns are delivered to postal hubs in as little as 24 hrs after site visit

Drive Measurable Traffic


Each day's activity produces results. Reporting, unique call tracking and analytics provide unmatched media attribution and ROAS


Transform your website from a billboard to a lead generation machine.


rEACTIVE Direct mail enters the home, giving marketers influence where decisions are made.


You decide if you should target a national, regional or local audience. Whether it's by geography, business, household or behavior on site. At Vadanaa we can compartmentalize your data allowing you to market to all or just to sub sectors you feel are most appropriate given your industry. Target only the opportunities that make sense to you and fit within your marketing budget.

73% of consumers enjoy receiving mail when it references a relevant brand or product

seamlessly transform website interest into high performing Reactive Direct Mail FOR LESS THAN THE AVERAGE COST PER CLICK ON GOOGLE

Getting started is easy. Let us show you how reactive direct mail can increase your offline conversions.

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